Explore its People and its Culture!

Cuba has been off limits to Americans for more than 50 years. But now that the regulations have changed, we can take you there legally and safely.

Cuba 305 Travel is your specialty agency that customizes and organizes people-to-people and person-to-person tours of Cuba. With us you will be able to engage in meaningful and richly cultural experiences while learning about Cuban culture, music, food, architecture and much more. But above all, with Cuba 305 Travel you will be able to interact with ordinary Cubans of all ways of life.

While traveling to Cuba might be as expensive as traveling to Paris, other tour operator’s prices are usually higher, Cuba 305 Travel will assure a competitive value package.

We are proud to offer several unique people-to-people and person-to-person educational tours to Cuba in cooperation with our sister agency in the island. We are licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Cuba 305 Travel is your specialty agency that customizes and organizes people-to-people tours of Cuba. these tours offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Cuban culture by interacting and engaging with the people of Cuba including artists, farmers, health-care professionals, children and other locals. Your professional, English-speaking tour guide will help facilitate many of your interactions with the Cuban people that you encounter throughout your tour. Are you ready for a unique experience on your Cuban tour?

On December 17, 2015, President Obama announced the re-opening of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. After more than half a century both countries opened their embassies during the summer of 2016. Although the economic embargo is still in place, there have been some relaxations regarding economic trade and travel restrictions as mentioned above.

Customized &


tours to Cuba!

Whether you are an individual wanting to go to Cuba alone or an organization trying to put together a group to Cuba, we are here to help you!

Travel to CUBA from the US and experience the best tour packages. Call us at: (305)469-9180 or 1-855-669-2822.

Charter flights to Cuba from Miami & New York

As result of these changes in the regulations we are able to provide charter flights to Cuba. Here are some of the routes we offer.

  • Miami > Havana and other parts of Cuba
    ( Santa Clara, Camaguey, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba)
  • New York > Havana
  • Los Angeles > Havana
  • Tampa > Havana
  • Key West > Havana

Cuba is a unique place that has been closed to Americans for a long time. It is an island nation rich in history, culture, beauty and natural resources. Its varied geography includes rolling farmland, rugged mountains, urban metropolises, quaint Colonial villages and stretches of alabaster sand beaches that melt into larimar seas. We will make sure we provide you with a personalized experience to many of these locations.

Cuban Culture, History, Music, & More...

Cuban culture is influenced by its melting pot of cultures, primarily those of Spain and Africa. Home to nine UNESCO Heritage sites, Cuba is ranked very highly in the United Nations human development index. Its government has established rigorous sports, ballet and music programs, and offers free education to all. Cuba is home to 47 universities and has the second highest literary rate in the world at 99.8%. According to the World Health Organization and the United Nations, Cuba Infant Mortality rate was 4.2 %. This number is lower than the infant mortality rate of the U.S and the E.U.

With recent relaxation of the regulations to obtain required licenses for travel to Cuba, this island nation has become more broadly accessible to US travelers. Experience the sounds of rumba and salsa in the streets at night. Stroll past the vividly painted arches that grace the buildings of Old Havana. Admire the gleaming classic cars that roll past colonial architecture. Most of all, meet the warm and friendly Cuban people, who are as anxious to interact with Americans as we are to hear their stories and experience their culture first-hand.

We, Cuba 305 Travel, will help you with:

  • Obtaining the necessary paper work and license for travel
  • Processing and obtaining the Cuban Visa
  • Round trip ticket from the U.S to Cuba
  • Transportation in Cuba
  • Accommodations during your visit
  • All requirements needed to qualify for the license to travel
  • Interact with local Cubans from all ways of life!